Reach Out Wisconsin

Please join us at one of our regular events - everyone is welcome!

Events are generally posted on Facebook or you can join our e-mail list to get notified of upcoming events through e-mail. Forums are free to attend - you only pay for the food or drink you order. However, we do encourage you to consider patronizing the establishments hosting our events since they are often providing it free or charge or at a reduced rate. We are so very thankful for all the venues that have helped us host forums over the years!


We are a nonpartisan group dedicated to fostering respect and understanding in Wisconsin politics. In an era when the left and the right seem so divided, we want to reach out to each other.

In the News

Reach Out Wisconsin has been featured in local media as well as on the national stage.

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Agree to Disagree

Sometimes anyway...We promote: a respectful dialogue between opposing sides of political debates; a more nuanced understanding of political issues by learning new perspectives; and more respectful attitude towards people with opposing viewpoints.

Fostering respect & understanding in Wisconsin politics since 2011.